Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poruka od Adele

Adele je povodom otkazivanja ostatka njene američke turneje ostavila poruku na njenom sajtu, te vam je prenosim u celosti:

Hello! As I’m sure most of you know i had to cancel over half of my US tour a couple weeks back. it was a devastating decision to make, but i really had no choice. i had to give my voice 2 weeks rest or risk permanent damage. I’m so so sorry. we are in the middle of rescheduling it all and i will see you there when i return. once all the new dates are in place ill let you know straight away! i was having the best time ever on tour, i enjoyed the shows so much and met so many amazing people and got to play with the best artists Ive ever played along side with, and i really am gutted to be back before its finished. thank you though to everyone who came to the shows i was able to do! I’m at home now, watching box sets and sorting things out into neat piles and resting. i haven’t been able to cook for almost 3 months cause Ive been on the road so I’m getting back into that. Ive become obsessed with beyonces i am sasha fierce tour dvd and 30 rock, and Ive also started uploading over 1000 cds to my itunes! long but satisfying! i cant wait to be able to sing again, I’m bored stiff. ive had a check up and im on the mend, i still need to take it easy and rest but things are looking up. i havent been told to not sing or talk for a month, i have given up smoking again! and also im not having singing lessons. i got better before and im getting better this time, and i will do everything i can to make sure nothing like this happens again! im gonna be on stage in london in just under 2 weeks but its a surprise i think!? xx

Iskreno se nadam da će se uskoro oporaviti, a možda i posetiti Srbiju u skorije vreme :)

P.S. Njen producent Rick Rubin je potvrdio da će drugi singl u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama biti "Someone Like You" - pesma koja je trenutno najbolje prodavani singl ove godine u Velikoj Britaniji i koja je stigla do prvog mesta u Australiji i Holandiji. Videćemo kako će Amerikanci reagovati na ovu predivnu baladu. Do oporavka Adele, uživajte u njenim fantastičnim pesmama :)

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